Boost productivity during the pandemic

Offer your team free access to Feel Relief mental health program


Is your workforce stressed? Has the pandemic and working from home impacted morale and productivity?

400 million work days are lost each year due to depression, the number 1 reason for absence from work worldwide. Morale and productivity have deceased even more due to COVID-19. 

We want to support organisations during this difficult time of crisis, so we offer you the chance to get  free access to the Feel Relief Program for 30 members of your team. Nominate your organization, non-profit, or small business today to get free access to Feel Relief

Get Feel Relief for Free

Feel Relief is a four-week, fully remote mental health support program, designed to help people improve their mental wellbeing during difficult times. The program includes weekly online sessions with qualified coaches, access to mental health resources and an app to journal emotions.


Program Components

Feel Mobile App

A mobile app where you can journal your emotions to recognize patterns and triggers of thoughts, emotions, and behavior. It is based on evidence-based techniques that help people manage their problems by changing the way they think and behave.

Feel Qualified Coaches

Remote sessions with a qualified coach will be personalised based on your needs. The sessions themselves will take place via the Feel App once a week, lasting 15 minutes, and the coach will demonstrate useful techniques to address stress and negative feelings and offer grief counselling where needed.

Mental Health
Resource Center

Tutorials, exercises, tips, advice and reading material which focus on the challenges faced during the outbreak and use evidence-based techniques such as Mindfulness, and Positive Psychology will help you develop mental health coping skills.


Program Benefits for your Business

Increasing the motivation and productivity of employees

Reducing medical expenses and employer costs due to absence from work because of mental health issues

Encouraging better team collaboration and support your team to establish a new workspace at home and acclimate to remote working

Reducing employee turnover rate